N+E Specialist – Singtel Learning Fiesta 2018


N+E Specialist was approached by Healthfirst-fitness.com couple of weeks back, crossing an idea of co-running some workshops for a corporate client, Singtel. Four topics were selected and presented to the client, and all four were selected.

Here are the topics (downloadable):

1. Who is the Devil? Sugar or Fat?
2. Is Exercise the Immortality Pill?
3. Weight Loss or Fat Loss?
4. 5 Exercises to Burn Fats without leaving your Desk

These topics were very well received and participants were highly engaged. With our proprietary bite-size knowledge on better nutrition and exercise, we hope to help more people appreciate the benefits of achieving good health.

For those who are keen to engage us for talks/workshops on the topics above, do drop us a message for a discussion.

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