Set Your Fitness Goals Ablaze with ‘Ignite Your Burn’ – The Ultimate In-Person Group Fitness Coaching Program!

IGNITE YOUR BURN (IYB) is Singapore’s very own, internationally endorsed, globally accredited group fitness conditioning program designed with coaches and participants in mind!

IYB’s exercise programming creatively combined 4 science and research-based fitness protocols into a single workout.

– Peripheral Heart Action Training
– Active Recovery
– Heart Rate Zones Training



IYB carefully weaves strength training, HIIT, movement prep, and mobility movements that let you burn maximum calories (up to 660 calories in under 45mins), improve cardiovascular health, build lean and tone muscles, improve stamina and at an intensity that is personalized to the participants!

IYB Coaches can conduct the class with ANY or NO equipment, Indoor or Outdoor (even in the pool) or Hybrid class.

In this 18-hour course, the group fitness instructor / personal trainer will learn the 4 fitness protocols in greater depth, the exercise programming principle behind IYB, and the 8 features that make IYB uniquely different from other group fitness programs. On top of these, you will also learn basic exercise programming considerations for special populations. (You got that right! IYB can be taught to special populations too)


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